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Our holistic Six Senses Spa provides a truly relaxing and revitalising experience and offers therapeutic treatments to rejuvenate the senses. Our expert therapists include nationals of Australia and Thailand.

The luxuriously appointed spa is adjacent to the beach and sets new standards in spa design. There are five treatment salas each surrounded by relaxing water pools. Inside the spa, there are three treatment rooms for couples, three single rooms, two dry saunas and two steam rooms, with all facilities complemented by water features and lush vegetation.  

Six Senses Signature Treatments

The Sensory Spa Journey

Two therapists synergistically performing
a facial and body massage..........at the same time!

Your therapists will work in harmony to take you on a journey of the five senses and beyond. A luxurious footbath, skin renewing treats, warm towels and fresh fragrances are just the beginning. You will experience a truly non-traditional body aroma massage using long, smooth strokes synchronized with a cleansing facial, and stress relieving scalp massage.

The natural desire to concentrate on your treatment will disappear as the unusual sequence encourages your mind to let go of stress and to induce a deep state of calm. We will present to you a special gift so that you can remind the memory of this unique experience at home. We use 100% natural Six Senses Sodashi products in this treatment. The packaging for the gift has been hand crafted by individuals working for the Mae Fah Luang Foundation in Thailand.  

The Touch of Well-Being

Holistic Massage
A tailor-made therapeutic full body and scalp massage including face reflexology. By using long, slow stroking movements your therapist will put you into a deep state of relaxation. It is no surprise that this is our most popular massage treatment. Perfect with a Purifying Body Boost, for ultimate relaxation and wonderful sensual experience. 

The Healing Legacy of Thailand

Thai Facial
The traditional Thai Facial uses a blend of natural ingredients to cleanse, exfoliate and massage the skin, finishing with a mask and beautifully refreshed skin. Ideal when combined with Thai Massage.

Thai Herbal Compress
It is the combination of Thai massage and the Thai herbal compress to stimulate acupressure points, allow better circulation, reduce muscle tension and ease aches. Ideally combined with a Thai Facial.

Thai Herbal Body Glow
Dry brushing technique to exfoliate and stimulate circulation followed by an envelopment of Thai herbs to deeply nourish and re-hydrate your skin, leaving you with a healthy glow. Ideal when combined with a Thai Facial and Thai Massage.

Thai Herbal Body Scrub
Gentle exfoliation using a traditional blend of Thai herbs and tamarind juice to remove dry skin and smooth the complexion. Ideal when combined with a Thai Facial and Thai Massage. 

The Touch of Body

Six Senses Spa products are 100% natural and do not include chemicals, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances or animal products and are never test products on animals. All Six Senses Spa treatments are highly beneficial for your skin. They are anti-ageing, purifying and hydrating, and use nature’s intelligence to nurture the skin and balance the senses.

Purifying Body Boost
To begin this treatment the circulation is stimulated
with invigorating body brushing. A purifying body mask is then applied to the whole body, with intensive rawing properties to remove unwanted toxins, relieve water retention and drain the lymphatic system. Plant essences stimulate and enliven circulation. An excellent treatment for cellulite and congestion, reviving the whole body. Great with a Purity Facial and Ear Candling Therapy.

Refining Body Toner
This treatment begins with a gentle jojoba body polish to exfoliate and cleanse the whole body. Then a nourishing full body mask is applied and you are cocooned in a comforting body wrap, whilst enjoying a full scalp massage for total relaxation. This ancient clay therapy body wrap nourishes, firms and tones the skin and is extremely beneficial in the treatment of renewing scar tissue and stretch marks. To finish this body indulgence, an application of revitalising body treatment will ensure your skin is left silky smooth. Perfect combination with a Purity Facial to cleanse, purify and refine your face and body.

Revitalizing Salt Body Scrub
A gentle massage followed with salt therapy exfoliation will relax, unwind and revitalise tired, sore muscles. Excellent as a treatment following long periods of travel or exercise to relieve tension from the whole body. To finish, your skin is nourished with revitalising body treatment lotion. A popular combination with a Radiance Facial and Holistic Massage for overall revitalization.

Enlivening Salt Body Scrub
Invigorate and enliven the mind and body with this all over mineral rich sea salt body exfoliation. Enjoy the detoxifying and balancing elements of uplifting plant essences blended with lemongrass, to improve circulation and relieve muscular tension. Finishing with an application of enlivening body treatment to leave the skin glowing and vibrant. Experience a naturally enhanced sense of well being - especially good to relieve the mind and body of jet lag and affects from long periods of travel. Ideal when combined with a Purity Facial and Jet Lag Recovery Massage to completely enliven your body and skin.

Cleansing Back Facial
A facial for the back to deeply cleanse, refine the pores and refresh the skin. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, back massage and body mask.

Jojoba Body Polish
Gentle all over body exfoliation using jojoba beads rich in the aromas of plant essences. This treatment removes dead skin cells, whilst oxygenating the skin. As a final touch, the skin is nourished and hydrated with an aromatic body treatment, to leave your skin silky smooth. Perfect when combined with Aromatic Hydration Facial and Swedish Massage.

As per request 

The Touch of Beauty

Thermal Regenerative Facial
The ultimate facial therapy. An intensive boost of all nature’s vitamins and minerals with a warm infusing mask to maximise penetration into the deeper layers of the skin. This ultimate facial indulgence is firming and lifting, leaving your skin nourished, hydrated and toned. Restoring forgotten elasticity and radiance, this is more than just a facial; it’s a whole skin experience - Nature’s Face Lift. A popular combination with Hot Stone Massage.

Radiance Facial
Reduces visible signs of ageing. This nutrient rich facial will give you the intensive treatment needed to boost the skin’s hydration, regenerate the skin tissues and overcome the stresses of environmental toxins. A gentle exfoliation and vitamin rich treatment cream will leave your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated. Ideal when combined with Revitalizing Salt Body Therapy and Holistic Massage.

Purity Facial
Ideal for congested or unclear skins. Plant essence combine with the deep cleansing properties of Argiletz Clay; rich in minerals to cleanse and decongest the skin, leaving the pores refined and the skin feeling purely refreshed, clear and balanced. Perfect when combined with Purifying Body Boost Therapy and Energizer Massage.

Sensitive Facial
Enjoy cooling mists and aromatic gels to nurture and soothe the skin. Plant essences and herbal extracts will strengthen the capillaries and de-sensitise. A light and refreshing experience. Ideal when combined with an Oriental or Traditional Thai Massage. 

Hand and Foot Therapy

Foot Acupressure
Soothe your sole with acupressure points that is applied to zones on your feet that correspond to all parts of your body and internal organs. This treatment stimulates your body’s own healing and balancing process. Experience true relaxation when combined with Indian Head Massage.

Radiance Hand Treatment
A well deserved pampering treatment for your hard working hands. This nurturing treatment starts with a warm compress and is followed with a luxurious jojoba bead exfoliation. A Soothing massage will leave your hands feeling silky, smooth and soft. A blend of alluring fragrances such as lavender, geranium and lemon make this a wonderful experience.

Deluxe Spa Manicure
Your nails will be shaped and your cuticles tidied and hydrated, followed by a massage of the hands and arms with a nourishing cream to restore natural moisture and improve the texture of your skin. Nail varnish is applied, if requested.

Deluxe Spa Pedicure
Transform your feet with our nail and cuticle care, then relax and enjoy a foot and lower leg massage to soften and nourish your skin whilst boosting your circulation, relieving tired or swollen feet. Nail varnish is applied if requested.  

Recommended for Men

Sport Massage
A medium to deep full body massage that specifically targets the needs of the active man. Perfect before or after your favourite sports activity. Our sports massage combines Swedish-style massage with the benefits of trigger points and gentle stretches.

Hot Stone Therapy
Tibetan Monks and American Indians used stones for their many benefits. This deluxe full body and face massage using Basalt stones will instill a deep level of calmness while relaxing tight muscles, removing blockages and dissolving stress. You will leave the spa feeling renewed and energized through the healing properties of these natural, volcanic stones. Ideal when combined with a Six Senses Man’s Maintenance Facial.

Revitalizing Salt Body Scrub
A gentle massage followed with salt therapy exfoliation. Will relax, unwind and revitalise tired, sore muscles. Excellent as a treatment following long periods of travel or exercise to relieve tension from the whole body. Excellent start before a Sport Massage.

Man’s Maintenance Facial
A facial specifically formulated for the male complexion. This treatment uses nature’s extracts and oils to help purify, hydrate and revitalise the skin. Ideal for frequent air travellers and those with a stressful lifestyle. Ideal when combined with a Sport Massage for both relaxation and rejuvenation benefits.

Executive Feet Treatment
Restore tired, aching feet with our exclusive foot-repair and pedicure regimen. An invigorating foot scrub to reduce calluses and soften hard skin combined with your nails being groomed and buffed. On top of this your feet and calf muscles will be massaged to restore vital energy flow and make you feel like you are ‘walking on air’.  

Bath Menu

The following baths may be set up in our Jacuzzi baths or in your guest room and require a minimum 24 hours notice.

Cleopatra Milk Bath
Discover the secret of Cleopatra’s beauty with this sanctuary of beauty and tranquility. Bathing in fresh milk, honey, banana, yoghurt and rose petals is no ordinary experience. Soaked with these moisturizing and healing ingredients, you will emerge more radiant with a higher sense of wellbeing. In the spa 25 Minutes. In the guest room.

Exotic Flower Bath
Appreciate nature and keep your lust for life in focus by immersing yourself into complete relaxation mode. This tropical delight combines a variety of Thai traditions including local flowers and fresh coconut, renowned for it’s restorative and skin-enlivening qualities. For a truly exotic experience, this is the perfect spa ritual to give your eyes a visual feast. In the spa 25 Minutes.
In the guest room.

Detoxifying Essential Oil Bath
Increase your energy for life by improving the quality of your food and beverage intake. Detoxification works on many levels, including physical, mental and spiritual. Look after your body by getting plenty of exercise such as Tai Chi and Yoga and feeding it positive and loving thoughts. This blend will promote cleansing of the past and enriching moments of the future. You will emerge from the spa enriched with optimism and enthusiasm. In the spa 25 Minutes.
In the guest room.

Aphrodite Aromatherapy Bath for Two
The fairy tale of romance can be kept alive if you consciously decide to make it happen. Roses are the symbol of love and affection. To enjoy the nectar of love, immerse yourself in this blend of aphrodisiacs and play out the romantic sides of yourselves. Includes a bottle of sparkling wine for the two of you to enjoy. In the guest room 25 Minutes. 

Spa Journeys

Detoxifier - to detoxify and nourish
• Three hours
• Steam and Sauna
• Detox Bath
• Detoxifying Body Scrub
• Detoxifying Body Wrap
• Scalp Massage
• Holistic Massage
• Six Senses Healing Tea
• 180 Minutes

Oriental - for an exotic sense of Thai tradition
• Four hours
• Steam and Sauna
• Traditional Thai Massage
• Scalp Massage
• Thai Herbal Body Glow
• Natural Thai Facial
• Foot Acupressure
• Six Senses Healing Tea
• 240 Minutes

Romance - for romantic relaxation for the two of you
• Two people to enjoy two hours or wonderful pampering
• Exotic Flower Bath
• Holistic Full Body Massage
• Face and Scalp Massage
• Six Senses Healing Tea
• 135 Minutes

Energizing - for uplifting your mind, body and soul
• Almost 3 hours
• Steam and Sauna
• Salt Scrub
• Oriental Massage
• Scalp Massage
• Six Senses Sodashi Facial
• Six Senses Healing Tea
• 165 Minutes  

Wellness Activity

These wellness activities are also available for group session; please refer to the Wellness Sessions Guide insert in this menu.

Private Session (maximum two people)
All available in your private villa or room, or at a venue of your choice.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi is the Chinese healing art that emphasizes slow movements, allowing the mind to focus on physical posture, promoting and harmonizing chi flow in the body.

Iyengar Yoga
Iyengar is a gradual and systematic form of yoga that promotes the wellbeing of both body and mind. Postures are introduced to suit to your physical structure. Ideal for beginners and those who wish to learn how to counteract the stresses of daily life.

Guided Meditation
The chance to calm your mind and to provide you time to focus on your own self. Through meditation, your instructor will guide you through sitting and walking meditations, allowing your mind and body to relax. You will leave the meditation feeling calm and at peace with your mind. 

Monthly Wellness Activities
Monthly Wellness Activities
To Balance your Mind, Body and Soul
Time Activity Location Instructor
  10.00 - 10.30 Tai Chi Earth Spa Khun Kanjana
  16.00 - 17.00 Yoga Earth Spa Khun Tu
  17.00 – 17.45 Guided Meditation Earth Spa Khun Saowanee
  10.00 - 10.30 Tai Chi Earth Spa Khun Kanjana
  17.00 – 17.45 Guided Meditation Earth Spa Khun Saowanee
  10.00 - 10.30 Tai Chi Earth Spa Khun Sakesan
  16.00 - 17.00 Yoga Earth Spa Khun Tu
  10.00 - 10.30 Tai Chi Earth Spa Khun Sakesan
  10.00 - 10.30 Tai Chi Earth Spa Khun Kanjana
  16.00 - 17.00 Yoga Earth Spa Khun Tu
  17.00 – 17.45 Guided Meditation Earth Spa Khun Saowanee
  10.00 - 10.30 Tai Chi Earth Spa Khun Kanjana
  17.00 – 17.30 Tibetan Breathing Earth Spa Khun Sakesan
  17.00 – 17.45 Guided Meditation Earth Spa Khun Saowanee
  10.00 - 10.30 Tai Chi Earth Spa Khun Kanjana
  17.00 – 17.30 Tibetan Breathing Earth Spa Khun Sakesan
  17.00 – 17.45 Guided Meditation Earth Spa Khun Saowanee
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